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Established a dynamic community of highly-reputed enterprises.


Over the years, Mubadra has established a dynamic community of highly-reputed enterprises who value our advantages in providing the most advanced business solutions. As a Certified Advantage Partner for Oracle Corporation, we have acquired credibility to maintain our leading position and prowess to implement their latest technologies that have been distinguished by thousands of customers worldwide.

Mubadra partners with leading-edge technology providers to deliver rapid competitive advantage in business areas that are critical to our customers’ success. This enables us to work from a broad palette of computing solutions to provide meaningful results for our customers. We have achieved the highest level of certification with our technology partners, ensuring expert analysis, implementation, training and support.

All of our selected technologies must fit into an enterprise-wide framework that ensures scalability for a large number of users and heavy volumes of data and transactions; flexibility to accommodate a corporation’s diverse and ever-changing needs; and interoperability with a wide variety of tools.

In order for Mubadra to achieve and sustain a leading market position, Mubadra has networked and partnered with several high-profile industry-focused vendors and consultancy services firms forming an alliance by which solutions are assured to be compliant with global standards.