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It is designed to test clinical skill performance.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE)

Mubdra Co. Provide the Environment for this modern type of examination often used in health sciences (e.g. Midwifery, orthoptics, optometry, medicine, naturopathic medicine, physician assistants/associates, physical therapy, radiography, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, chiropractic medicine, paramedicine, podiatry, veterinary medicine). It is designed to test clinical skill performance and competence in skills such as communication, clinical examination, medical procedures / prescription, exercise prescription, joint mobilisation / manipulation techniques, radiographic positioning, radiographic image evaluation and interpretation of results.

Business Intelligence

Mubadra offers business intelligence services that help you collect key business data throughout your organization, and improve decision-making, a necessary element for success. Our business intelligence consultants can point out weaknesses in your current reporting structure, and give you tips on how to gather data, select the right tools and deploy cost-effective solutions.

Mubadra can help to leverage key business data throughout your organization by helping you identify gaps in your current reporting structure, providing you with expert advice, gathering requirements, selecting the appropriate tools, and offering our business/IT experience to develop and deploy cost-effective solutions. Deploying successful decision support solutions takes more than the installation of hardware and software. It requires a partnership with a solution provider who can combine consulting, design, and implementation; a partnership with a provider who builds solutions, not just systems. Mubadra offers that partnership.

Hyperion Performance Management Application

Managing your company’s performance ensures that you stay on the right track towards the achievement of your business objectives and – as a result – your sales incentive plans. Hyperion Performance Management Applications are a modular suite of integrated applications that facilitate the management of your financial and performance processes. These applications offer dashboards, reporting and analysis tools, and an MS Office interface for end-users, all in a common workspace to limit operational and maintenance costs. With increased transparency and alignment, you can stay in control of your business while saving precious time.

Oracle ERP Consulting

An Oracle Advantage Partner, Mubadra can offer the most comprehensive suite of global business applications offering an Integrated Business Portfolio that helps you monitor both financial and operational aspects of all lines of your business and achieve efficiency. Show All

  • Applications Consultancy
    Whether we take ownership of the project or supplement customer staff to solve a specific problem, Mubadra consultants focus on a single goal: finding the solution that works best for each customer’s unique circumstances. Our application implementation services address the unique complexities of your industry. Our consultants bring expertise in business and technology drivers and leading practices within major industries. Our certified consultants not only have many years’ experience working with the software but also backgrounds working in senior functional roles or with the major consulting houses. This, coupled with the broad range of industries covered, means our consultants are able to see the ‘bigger picture’ when working on projects.
  • Technical Consultancy
    We have a strong team of technical consultants working on Oracle Applications & Tools. Our technical consultants carry out CNC tasks such as applying ESU/ASU/Service packs as well as more complex tasks such as upgrade planning, technical architecture design, technical audits and technical workshops.
  • Applications Development
    Mubadra offers a development service utilizing the Oracle toolkit and development guidelines, with a programming team experienced in tailoring Oracle applications software across a range of disciplines. Our developers have gained an excellent reputation for designing, developing and installing enhanced functionality and integration with third party solutions for many Oracle EBS & JDEdwards customers. This is achieved by harnessing the power of the Oracle technology solutions which provide an interoperable backbone comprised of integrated tools, advanced middleware, and reusable business objects that speed solution development, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Bespoke Training
    With bespoke training Mubadra can provide company-specific training, either in the form of tailored courses, one-on-one coaching or standard courses at a more convenient location. Our specialist courses include the application areas of EnterpriseOne construction solution and property management.
  • Upgrades
    There are many factors to consider when evaluating and planning an upgrade, such as the underlying requirements of the business, increased functionality and technical infrastructure to name just a few. Building a business case is an essential part of the process. Within the Oracle family of products, considerable enhancements have been made to all products and the secure future of Oracle product lines means that there has never been a better time to consider upgrading. The reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the last few releases, amongst other factors, gives some very compelling reasons to consider a strategy for the future.

Oracle Fusion

Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud, offering best-in-class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and data as a service (DaaS). Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

  • Oracle Fusion Financial Management
    Oracle’s Fusion Financial Management is a complete and integrated financial management solution that sets the foundation for good governance and consistent growth while helping today’s fast-growing and dynamic organizations make better decisions, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and continuously innovate. Only Oracle combines the best of the best capabilities across Oracle’s financial solutions to deliver a comprehensive solution that arms finance professionals with the right information at the right time, increases productivity, and accelerates business performance. Oracle Fusion Financial Management Cloud will bring power to your people and is your software as a service Financial Management solution available by subscription. A complete set of enterprise cloud services ensures customer success before, during, and after enablement.
  • Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud Service
    Today’s businesses face unprecedented challenges and changes. Technology advances, such as cloud computing, are accelerating the pace of change, and driving many companies to transform the way they operate. The cloud offers a way for organizations of all sizes to change the mix of IT spend so more resources are devoted to innovation and fewer on maintaining current systems. But without an enterprise-grade cloud, organizations may find themselves falling short of their cloud computing transformation goals. Oracle ERP Cloud Service, an enterprise-grade cloud offering, combines the power of Oracle ERP applications with the simplicity of the cloud so that companies can fully transform their back-office operations.
  • Oracle Human Resource Cloud Service
    HR organizations that don’t have a modern HR and talent strategy are missing out on creating real value to the business. Modern HR leaders create a great employee experience that serves its customers and the business.
  • Oracle supply chain management (SCM) Cloud Service
    Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to innovate quickly, execute rapidly, and scale your value chain. Companies can rapidly deploy Oracle’s supply chain management functionality with minimal risk, low cost, and maximum flexibility. With Oracle SCM Cloud, companies do not have to maintain or upgrade to the latest version�they can receive the latest, best-in-class functionality through a flexible subscription pricing model.
  • Oracle Customer Experience Cloud
    Strengthen customer relationships with a platform that optimizes relevant engagements, improves service consistency, and ensures repeatable service quality.

IT Business Alignment

Mubadra helps clients align IT tightly to their business objectives. From IT strategies, to increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and IT performance on an enterprise level, we helps our clients improve business alignment and IT performance by transforming the IT organization and IT processes to state of the art capabilities.

Our approach to IT Business Transformation involves understanding our client’s IT challenges and providing a roadmap for success that includes the following value-added offerings.

  • Provides a deep dive into the application, data, and integration solutions and in-process projects.
  • Rationalizes the future direction, by harmonizing and architecting the common enterprise solutions platform for the enterprise.
  • Reduces operating costs through improved infrastructure acquisition and licensing.

IT Business alignment focuses on rationalizing, redesigning, and improving the core IT processes, skills, and solutions to meet today’s IT challenges. The practice helps client’s accelerate the transformation from a classic IT structure, reactive and running behind the needs of the business to an aligned, proactive, business-focused IT operations and systems with industry-leading service delivery capability. Our tailored IT Business Alignment solutions provide a structured process improvement methodology designed to deliver valuable, tangible and sustainable improvements in business performance by means of objective analysis and the re-design of processes, enabling business acceleration and increased return on investment.

IT Strategy and Architecture

Our team uses a phased approach to strategic consulting, based upon recognized industry best practice principles.

  • Initiation
    Our Consultant will meet with you to understand the challenges that you face, and use a well proven method to record, evaluate and help to priorities your concerns, which includes:

    • Current Business Model
    • Business Environment
    • Budgetary Considerations
    • Technology Strategy
    • Key Workflow Performance Measurements
  • Verification
    An opening report will clarify our understanding of your situation and make initial recommendations about how to proceed.
  • Analysis
    Our team of experts will, in conjunction with you, analyze key concerns that currently impede your business activities. Root cause analysis of business issues will undoubtedly find the right solutions, whether they be people, process or technology based. Throughout the engagement our Consultants will review progress with you.
  • Recommendation
    Outputs from the analysis will be compiled into a formal report with the option of an additional Executive presentation. The report will be in the form of a simple, no-fuss approach to dealing with the issues identified.
  • Delivery
    The unique benefit of Mubadra Consulting is that we follow through with delivery. Our Consultants will agree an action plan with you and facilitate the resources required to make your plans become reality.

Hospital Information System

Health care organizations challenged constantly by the need to manage and integrate clinical, operational, and financial information. As this need increases, a facility’s Hospital Information Systems (HIS) becomes instrumental in managing the flow and use of this information. Further, the HIS must be tailored to the size and pace of each facility.

From large, multi-entity organizations to the small and mid-size hospital, MUBADRA provides HIS technology that addresses this need, while leveraging existing infrastructure and insuring the system integrates into the workflow of the clinical staff.

• Primary Healthcare Solution

• Medical Education

• Hospital Information

• Family Medicine and Tele-medicine

• Chronic Disease Management

• Medical Dictation System

• Patient Education

• Patient Entertainment Solution

Elements of the Hospital Information System(HIS)

• Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

• Patient Administration

• Resource Scheduling

• Billing

• Reports & Analytics

• Service Center

• Laboratory Information System

• Pharmacy Information System

Real Time Location Systems(RTLS)

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are seeing increased implementation among industries that can benefit from constant visibility of their assets and personnel. This visibility allows facilities to improve response time, efficiency, and safety and security. In healthcare facilities, the RTLS applications are commonly used for:

• Asset Tracking: Expensive hospital equipment can be tracked to ensure proper availability, security, and regulatory maintenance compliance.

• Staff Tracking: Personnel can be tracked to provide location information in emergencies, as information to improve workflows and overall efficiency.

• Patient Tracking: Patients can be tracked to help ensure their safety.

• Access Control: Access to secure areas can be controlled and limited to proper facility personnel.

• Infant Protection: Newborns can be tracked for access only by parents and approved family and facility personnel to increase security.


Infant Protection System

Mubadra provides a variety of Infant Protection Systems, offering the following features:

• Specialized active infant tags

• Optional parent tags for Infant/Parent Mismatch prevention

• Integration with RTLS locator system

• Integration with security and automation systems

• High-frequency RFID to reduce false alarms

Medical Education System – Simulation Environments

Mubadra has distinguished itself from any competing vendors or suppliers by proving its ability to provide a fully integrated simulation environment, which closely resembles clinical environment found amongst the best hospitals and universities across the world. Mubadra provides the complete medical simulation solution, including:

• Simulation Capturing Management Solution

• Simulation Environment Design and Development

• High Fidelity Simulation Solution

• Procedural and Task Training Solution

• Course and Scenarios Development Services

• Simulation Procedural Training Service