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A leading regional business solutions provider.


Mubadra is a leading regional business solutions provider headquartered in Saudi Arabia with branches across the Middle East and North Africa. Empowered by our strategic alliances with world-class software vendors,Mubadra offers state-of-the-art solutions catered to the specific needs of each industry.

By implementing our profound knowledge of each business, whether it is construction, manufacturing, distribution, retail, education, healthcare, hospitality or services, we have helped some of the largest enterprises increase efficiency, improve performance and build competitive advantage.

Mubadra manages large-scaled projects, providing the design, architecture, development, integration, and operational support of complex technology solutions to serve its clients ′ business-critical needs and transform visions to value.

By leveraging its industry knowledge and technology expertise, Mubadra helps clients speed up and improve on business processes, drive out activities that do not add value, and capture and apply knowledge throughout the enterprise.