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Mubadra provides an extensive range of customer-centric services for architecting, developing, and deploying effective business applications. Our services enable you to integrate and extend enterprise applications and data throughout your company, across the supply chain, and directly to your customers which leads to increased revenue, decreased costs, and more effective communication with employees, partners, and customers.

Best Practices

PM Body of Knowledge

Since its founding in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI®) has grown to be the organization of choice for project management professionalism. With over 110,000 members worldwide, (PMI®)is the leading non-profit professional association in the area of Project Management.(PMI®) establishes Project Management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and professional certification that more and more organizations desire for their project leaders.


ITIL Best Practice

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a comprehensive and systematic presentation of best practices in information technology management. ITIL is a set of books that comprehensively and systematically presents best practices in all phases of the management of an information system. Each book describes the “infrastructure” — the hardware, software, computerrelated communications, documentation, skills, and processes — required to support one activity of managing an information system. Each book covers a function or aspect of information technology management, providing cross-references to the other books. Together the books form a unique reference set for the management of installed software. The Library was produced by CCTA, the UK Government Centre for Information Systems, in consultation with government and industry.



Project Management Methodology

Mubadra has adopted a global methodology based on the principles of the Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge (PMI’s PMBoK) that would exploit the method and components of PRINCE2/3 as defined by the UK Government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). The methodology has been complemented, where necessary and appropriate, with components and techniques from Primavera and Oracle projects and other best practices currently in use within BTAT.


Reference Lists